Advertising Rates

The Chester Telegraph has made some significant changes to our advertising offerings for 2017.

  • We’ve widened our left-hand 125 pixel column to 150 pixels wide.
  • We’ve streamlined our pricing to make it easier for you to understand. (And don’t tell anyone, but it also means that our larger ads will be less expensive than the same size ad from last year!)
  • And we’ve added some new features to make it easier for you to reach out to our readers such as Facebook feeds and video and photo gallery pages.

Our readership continues to grow, readership loyalty stays strong and our reach to first and second-homeowners as well as tourists continues to expand. So you’ll find that our rates continue to be not only among the lowest around but also among the most cost-effective.


  • All ads, except for the Stationary Banner Ads, rotate in the ad stack upon refresh.

  • All ads are clickable

  • All ads are in full color at no charge.

Our ad design services will continue to be free. However, significant changes made after the first iteration will be charged at a modest sum of $20 per hour.

Discounts continue to apply for ad buys of 13 weeks (5 percent), 26 weeks (10 percent), 39 weeks (15 percent) and 52 weeks (20 percent).

Below are the sizes and new weekly rates.

Click image to enlarge.


Call us today at 802-875-2703 or email us at

Just ask for Cynthia or Shawn.

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