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Hannah Gustafson, in black T-shirt, far left, and Lee Gustafson, in black T-shirt, center-right, teach a Chester-Andover Elementary class on renewable energy concepts. Photos provided. Click photo to enlarge.

Father and daughter team Lee and Hannah Gustafson have been spreading the word about renewable energy to some of the most influential people in Chester — kids in kindergarten, first and second grades at Chester-Andover Elementary School. Their lessons are part of Teens Reaching Youth for the Environment, the newest leadership program offered by the 4-H Teen & Leadership Program in partnership with the Vermont Energy Education Program and funded in part by State Farm Insurance.

Lee Gustafson is owner of NetZero Renewable Resources, a Chester design-build firm that installs solar, wind and geothermal systems.

On three days in April, father and daughter introduced classrooms filled with children to the concepts behind renewable energy. Children made pinwheels, sailboats and a working windmill to learn about wind and wind power. For lessons about the sun, the students tested the light transmission qualities of various materials and constructed trees and buildings to make shadows.

A TRY team typically consists of a group of teens and an adult mentor who are trained to teach fun, hands-on renewable energy activities to youth in grades K-3.  Twelve TRY teams from around Vermont met for training for two days in January.

By learning about renewable energy and teaching lessons to younger youth, the TRY teams have a direct impact on raising awareness and knowledge about energy issues Vermonters are facing today and in the future.

For more information about TRY, click here

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