High Falls Furniture Co.

Name: High Falls Furniture Co.
About: High Falls Furniture Co. produces a line of solid wood furniture that reflects the worn character of classic 1900s American farmhouse style antiques. The company moved from High Falls, NY, to Chester in June 2005. The sole proprietor of the business, Mitchell J. Rudman, has been designing, building, and finishing custom furniture and cabinetry professionally since 2001.
Most of the furniture pieces made at High Falls Furniture Co. are custom made to individual specifications. We use distressed paint finishes, reclaimed wood and metal patinas to provide unique design accents to virtually any form or function. Hand-hammered copper and zinc countertops can be incorporated into furniture or installed on custom cabinetry.

Antique wood reclaimed from industrial-era commercial barns and factories can make distinctive dining table tops or cabinets. The paint finishing process requires hand-applications of many paint layers using brushes and natural sponges. Many of our hand-finished pieces have been mistaken as genuine antique.
Contact person:

Mitchell Rudman

Days and hours of operation: night and day, appointment recommended.
Phone: 802-875-5258
Street Address: 418 Coach Road
Town: Chester
Click here for our Facebook page: High Falls Furniture Co. on Facebook
ZIP code: 05143
Email: mailto:mitchrudman@yahoo.com

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