Online SoVerA Meeting – Measurement Controversy of the Hubble Constant and Its Relationship to Dark Energy

April 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Margot Kuhns Schmitt

Peter Mulhall will give a presentation on the measurement controversy of the Hubble Constant and its relationship to dark energy.

The Hubble Constant tells us how fast space is expanding away from us or from any other point in the universe. It is a measurement that has been continually calculated since its discovery by Edwin Hubble in 1929, because it provides a lot of data about the origin, age, evolution and the fate of the cosmos.

There are two ways to measure the Hubble Constant. The problem is that these methods don’t agree; the data are not even “close” (i.e, their margins of error do not overlap).

Peter is a retired high school physics teacher and adjunct college lecturer in mathematics and computer science at Keene State College. His talk will give a brief history about how we got to this conundrum and the current efforts by astrophysics to resolve it.

Join the meeting here.

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