Taking heart — and flowers and candy — on Valentine’s Day

by Rebecca Salem

Chester merchants are stepping up to make sure you don’t throw a bucket of ice water on your relationship this Valentine’s Day with a gift of a  vacuum cleaner or a package of undershorts.

A $14 Pinot Noir at Meditrina.

“For serious relationships,” says Lonnie Lisai, “go Cabernet.” The owner of Lisai’s Grocery on Depot Street is conducting an impromptu wine-relationship pairing for Valentine’s Day. “If you have a whimsical relationship, Riesling,” a sweet one, he says with a bit of whimsy himself. But if you are on a first date, he warns, “stay away from Sauvingnon Blanc. The acid will make you drool.” Although, he adds, Zinfandel might work. But play it safe with Merlot.

Those wines, Lisai says, can be had from under $10 to $15 a pop.  Meditrina, the wine, beer and cheese shop at 177  S. Main St., is offering three reasonably priced wines for Valentine’s Day: the Huber Sparkling Rose for $11 and the Louis Max Bourgogne Chardonnay Beaucharme and Pinot Noir Beaucharme for $14 each.


Jewelry is always a nice gift, and Michele Bargfrede of Sage Jewelry, 295 Main St., has created sterling silver heart necklaces for $25 to $40 each. She adds that she has a nice selection of heart shaped soaps from Popplewood Farms in Andover and hand-painted glassware.

Sterling hearts by Sage Jewelry. Photo by Leah Cunningham.

Cards are always a must, and Pat Budnick of Motel in the Meadow, 936 Rt. 11 W., has you covered in her gift shop, including a large array of scented Kringle candles, silk roses and other items. Misty Valley Books, 58 The Common, also offers cards as well as a number of appropriate titles, including A Little Book of Love, Erotic Poems by ee cummings and Love Poems & Proverbs.

If it’s a cuddle that suits your sweety, then head to the Hugging Bear Shoppe, 244 Main St., for 25% off Georgette Thomas’ selection of Valentine bears.