Letter to the Editor: Thank you Chester for your support

Dear Chesterites,

My business, Swiss Precision Remodeling, came to an immediate stand-still after I got diagnosed with Cancer in January.
Now, 6 months and a big operation, followed by intensive chemo and radiation treatments later, I must thank you again, in public, for your support. My wife and I are deeply in your debt. Numerous neighbors and friends, strangers even, from Chester and surrounding areas came by and brought food, courage and much needed moneys to my bedside.
They helped out in the garden and shoveled snow. Even a Chester plumber worked free of charge for a much needed service in my house. Alas, there is still a long way to a full recovery. But recover I shall. In the meantime: Thank you. Danke. Merci and God Bless.
Chris Zuppinger

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