Health care, job creation top Rep. Dakin’s legislative priorities

State Rep. Leigh Dakin

We have hit the ground running after our swearing in on Wednesday Jan. 9 and the inauguration of Gov. Peter Shumlin on Thursday Jan. 10. I have the privilege of continuing as a member of the House Committee on Health Care, where for the past two years we have been working on legislation that hopefully will lead to a single payer health care system in Vermont in the next five years.

While health care continues to be a primary focus of mine, I am also a member of the Rural Economic Development Working Caucus that will be meeting frequently in support of the Vermont Working Landscape legislation intended to improve the development of agricultural and forestry products and businesses in Vermont. I hope that we will see continued growth in our agricultural sector as more foods, meats and dairy products are produced to meet the on-going demand within and outside of Vermont.

Employment and job creation remain priorities for all of us in Montpelier. We are concerned about maintaining our existing work opportunities as well as attracting new business ventures offering jobs to Vermonters currently looking for work and to our high school and college graduates who are anxious to find employment so that they can stay in Vermont. I support the efforts of our state Agency of Commerce and Community Development and our Regional Development Corporations to provide attractive employment incentives and opportunities for the expansion of current businesses and the attraction of new businesses to our region and state.

Our communities will not be successful and attractive places to live without the opportunities for all to have a good education, whether it be at the high school, vocational, technical or university levels. Providing good educational opportunities for all, with an emphasis on technical and university level education, will put our graduates in good positions to find jobs in Vermont and will attract businesses looking for skilled employees to Vermont.

I look forward to working for you in Montpelier. Please contact me with your thoughts and concerns at home over the weekends at 802-875-3456 or email me at

Rep. Leigh Dakin
Windsor District 3-1
Andover, Baltimore, Chester and North Springfield





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