To the editor: Solar farm aesthetics leave much to be desired

Regarding the solar farm — those of us in Chester need to better understand the benefits the town would accrue from this.

Would the financial benefits be shared with the taxpayers?

Another concern is the aesthetic look of solar farms. It’s like those wind farms that do not fit with the character of Vermont.  If we go down I-91 near Putney, the view of a solar farm there isn’t appealing at all. It could very well be screened with shrubs and hedges on the border.

I intend to make this aesthetic view of solar farms an issue until we are assured it will not change the Vermont we know and love.

Philip Bravin

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  1. Cynthia Prairie says:

    Hi Philip, The last article that Karen Zuppinger wrote on the proposal gave some indication of the benefit to the town.
    It is in the second section of the article: