To the editor: A Dollar General for Chester?

  • Imagine a store next to the former Zachary Pizza restaurant but three times as large.

  • Imagine a store that is a large rectangle, more than 9,000 square feet with the only natural light coming in the doorway.

  • Imagine a parking lot in front and to the side.

  • Imagine an attempt to have it look like a barn.

  • Imagine how startlingly different it is from any other retail store in Chester.

  • Imagine a store where 73 percent of the sales are from consumable goods like food, beverages, paper products and cleaning supplies.

  • Imagine the economic impact this national discount store will have on our local businesses.

  • Imagine the precedent that having a national chain discount store will set for future development in Chester.

Dollar General has an aggressive plan for building new stores in Vermont. There is a Dollar General store in Springfield 8 miles away.

Lower prices for often-used items are desirable by many people. It does help make the paycheck go further. However, the cost to our town and to us is the very real possibility of losing one or more of our locally owned businesses. As a town, we care both for our residents and for the future of our town.

Please join us in Newfane in Superior Court on Sept. 10th and 11th starting at 9 a.m. for as much time, presence and support as you are able to provide as we present our case to the Environmental Court. Contact information at for more information.

Diane Holme
Chester, VT

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