To the editor: Join us for lunch to plan regular community meals

Several area towns have begun regularly scheduled Community Meals. In talking with people I know, I feel there is enough interest to begin this in Chester and Andover also.

It will take a little planning, like where, how often, who will prepare the food, etc. Rather than have a meeting about meals, I decided to invite people to come to a meal to have a meeting.

A free hearty lunch will be provided by volunteers at noon, Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014 at St Joseph’s Church parish center on Main Street in Chester.  The invitation is to anyone who wants to be part of this process.  Unlike a soup kitchen that seems to specifically target people of low income, this community meal is for everyone.

Come if you enjoy eating with other people. Come if you want to meet new people. Come if you are hungry. Come instead of eating alone. Come if you like good conversation.

Bring your kids (a Valentine’s craft project is planned). Bring your neighbor. Come if you are willing to be part of a planning committee. Even if you don’t want to be part of an ongoing committee, please come to share your comments.

I am the contact person. You can reach me at 875-3889 or email me at  If you cannot attend this meal, feel free to share your comments with me and they will be part of the discussion.

Thank you
Edie Brown

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