To the editor: Absurd arguments against Affordable Care Act

I am so disturbed at the recent flurry of pundit and political comments insisting that the recent Congressional Budget Office report insinuates that the Affordable Healthcare Act will cause the loss of millions of jobs or that the ACA is an incentive for people not to work. This is an absurd stretch of prediction and based on biased interpretation. The point of the ACA was to make health-care more affordable. Period.
If another option presented to and supported by the public were enacted, wouldn’t the point be to make it more affordable ? Thus is the current rash of criticism equally applicable to any plan that would reduce health-care costs to individuals? If a Republican health-care plan had been presented and supported and enacted, making health-care more affordable, would Democrats and Independents be making the same objections or drawing the same conclusions?
Regardless what plan either party put forth, people would still make choices to work, change work, work less or not work at all, given that their health-care costs of been lowered. Where is the evil here? Paper Tiger.

Will Turner

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  1. sc says:

    ACA is in fact unaffordable. The calculator has me paying $375/mo w/a deductible of $6250. Sooo, I will pay the $375 monthly but will never utilize a dime of it unless I fall out of a 3rd story window & hit by an 18 wheeler. Since I cannot be forced to pay over 8% of my income, I qualify for Medicaid.
    However unless the laws change there is a clawback no different than what seniors now can face when filing for bankruptcy or losing homes to longterm care or high medical bills. All care I recieve will result in my home & assets liquidated to pay for my health care. I will continue to self pay thank you very much.,0,1367534.story

  2. Stevo says:

    We’ve lost more jobs to trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP than any one piece of legislation in our history.
    We spent a bizillion $$$$ a month on foreign aid to countries that vote against us in the UN 3/4ths of the time.
    We spent more dollar for dollar bailing out Wall Street than we did in all of World War II. And you want me to buy into throwing a socialist bone at fellow Americans is evil?


  3. Chris says:

    Full-Time positions are going away: In Florida we are already seeing this happening. Large companies are removing unskilled, full-time positions and replacing them with part-time or “independent contractor” positions to shift the health-care costs to the employee.

    I expect that as more companies realize that employees are willing to accept these “reduced” positions we will see it become more popular until the legislature steps in to set a “normalized employee mix” or a national healthcare system establishes itself. Hopefully the country will look to the example Vermont is setting and get us to a national health-care/single-payer system first.