GMUHS graduates 58 under summer-eve skies

By Cynthia Prairie

Fifty-eight students graduated from Green Mountain Union High School on Friday, June 20, under dazzling summer-eve skies. Most are headed to college, while several already have full-time jobs and careers lined up. (Photo gallery is below)

Salutatorian Rachel Martel urged her fellow grads to pursue the unknown. “In this new beginning,” she said, “don’t settle for what you know or are comfortable with.”

Valedictorian Margie DesLauriers told her classmates to hold those memories that are significant, saying “When you look back on high school, look for those transformative moments, for the moments that matter; let us choose to live a life that matters.”

As guest speaker, social studies teacher Keith Hill, a Green Mountain grad and former valedictorian as well, recalled his first year teaching, which coincided with the Class of 2014’s first year in middle school. Both he and fellow class advisor Kelly Goodrich, who runs the school office, received standing ovations from the graduating seniors.

Principal Tom Ferenc also recognized Anne Kipp, who is retiring this year after 40 years as a teacher of English in middle and high school.

Several awards that weren’t given out at the Awards Ceremony on June 6 were presented during the graduation ceremony. They included: The Alumni Award to Adam Kenney; The American Legion Award to Emily Tornquist and Rachel Martel; the Babe Ruth Athletic awards to Leah Bodin and Chad Leonard; the Chester Memorial Teachers Award to Emily Tornquist; the Chester Academy Gold Pins to Emily Comstock, Leah Cunningham, Chad Leonard, Elliot Leonard, Rachel Martel and Emily Tornquist (Leah Bodin received hers in 2013); the John Butler Scholarships, from the Chester Academy that is celebrating its 200th year  of promoting high school education, to Emily Tornquist, Rachel Rokes, Rachel Martel and Leah Cunningham, and medals and checks to two students nominated by teachers went to Margie DesLauriers and Brighton Bischofberger.

The Class of 2014 class officers also presented the school with a $500 scholarship to be presented next year to Green Mountain senior.  Also graduating were four seniors who were not part of Friday’s senior procession. They are Michael Cormier, LeaAnn Houle, John Lighthall and Connor Verespy.

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  1. Kate Huntington says:

    Kelly Goodrich is amazing and a godsend to students and parents alike (and administration, no doubt!)! Jedd wouldn’t have gone on trips or probably graduated without her perseverance & patience in getting him to SIGN every imaginable kind of permission slip or alert us to the fact that such needs were being ignored by him! I say this with a pinch of humor (concerning our son) and a strong dose of reality (the amazing worker that she is!). Thank You, Kelly!