To the editor: Thanks to good neighbors during flood

For the second time in three years, my family has endured the flooding of our surroundings.

Inside the Roundses' garage after last Monday's storm and flooding. Photo by Jan Rounds

Inside the Roundses’ garage after last Monday’s storm and flooding. Photo by Jan Rounds

Believe me, we have been active in seeking improvement and speaking to the proper authorities.  My vocabulary now contains words like  “hazard mitigation” and I’m becoming an expert on what our costly flood insurance won’t cover. Amid all of the stress, I am filled with gratitude to our community family.

This time, I put out an S.O.S. e-mail — and they came with shovels, rakes, food, wheelbarrows, heavy equipment and equipment that I didn’t even know existed.

A heartfelt thank you and huge smile to Hill Construction, Bears Electric, George Hanes, the Svec family, the Caum-Salem family, Lawerence & Wheeler, Frank Kelley, the Mosher family, the Kevin-Jenny-Erika Anderson family, Chris Meyer & crew, the Macko-Bradley family, Carrie King, BMW Painting, Steve Prouty, Betsy Olson, Laurie Birmingham and Wendy Shultz.

Much love, your neighbors
Jan, Dennis, Eliza and Mitchell Rounds

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