League of Women Voters offers online election guide

The League of Women Voters of Vermont offers Vote411.org, a free non-partisan resource, where voters can get the information they need to make knowledgeable choices on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014.

www.VOTE411.org offers simple tools that make it easy and convenient to access election-related topics such as:

  • Absentee ballot information
  • Ballot measure information (where applicable)
  • Early voting options
  • Election dates
  • Factual data on candidates in various federal and state races
  • Polling place locations
  • Registration deadlines
  • Voter qualifications
  • Voter registration forms
  • Voting machines
  • Upcoming debates and general information on how to watch debates with a critical eye

An important component of VOTE411.org is the polling place locator. Enter your address to find your polling place, build your ballot with the online voters’ guide and much more. Vote 411 is also a handy way to compare candidates’ views. For each race, the league asks candidates to share information about themselves and their policy stances. They are asked a few questions on pertinent issues and their answers are posted on the site, in their own words.

The league has invited all 313 candidates in 187 races in the 2014 Election to participate in Vote411. The Voters’ Guide enables you to see the races on your ballot, compare candidates’ positions side-by-side, and print out a sample ballot indicating your preferences as a reminder and take it with you to the polls on Election Day. It also has resources for military and overseas voters.

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