To the editor: Strip malls not part of re-zoning

I have to respond to the handout today addressing the Nov. 18 vote on the Automotive Fuel/Sales/ Service.

As is the case in many political views, the spin on this document is unbelievable: that by voting no you are saying yes to strip development.

This is absolutely an assumption that is difficult to connect.

Strip development in the Automotive Fuel/Sales/Service Industry, what does that mean? Most strip malls I know of consist of stores like shoe stores (example: Kmart Plaza in Lebanon, Peeble’s and Shaw’s in Keene).

We are addressing the zoning that is now in place to already accommodate business that have been there for nearly 40 years. It doesn’t mean we are going to open strip malls in Chester.

These scare tactics are exactly what is done to get you to make an uninformed vote.

This group tells you all about their idea of what strip malls bring to an area with nothing more than “numerous actual cases have demonstrated this.” What cases? Where is the actual examples presented if in fact the automotive fuel/sales/ service industry runs rampant in the strip mall arena? Where?

Let’s be real. We have drug trafficking in Chester now. We used to have more gas stations, grocery stores, a pharmacy and many other businesses in this town. Ask anyone who grew up here. And Chester is still here but now we have minimal to do here.

Do you really think Durand’s Ford or Springfield GMC is coming to Chester? No, I really doubt.

Lastly, the assumption that the no vote means we are all in danger, that our town is going to encourage Automotive, because this is the specific use we are voting on, then strip malls is misleading to the public. That is simply not true. But of course scare tactics work.

Do not discriminate against the automotive business in this town. The zoning is standard for this type of business not an exception, it just doesn’t make any sense.

M.J. Miles

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