To the editor: Rep. Dakin outlines education, other pocketbook issues on agenda in Montpelier

You, the voters, have sent us to Montpelier with a clear message to address issues of high importance both to our pocketbooks and to the fundamental manner of how services are delivered to the residents of the state of Vermont.

The unending increase in the cost of educating our children in our public schools has received the immediate attention of your legislators, by the local school boards and by the towns whose student population is diminishing.  We all are confronted with cost-reduction proposals, which include school district consolidation, increase in the teacher/pupil ratio and a general lowering of the per pupil educational cost.  While the legislature will provide the framework for addressing these issues, I encourage each of you to become involved in these discussions. Your voices are important as we look for ways to address the issues that affect us and the education of the children in the state of Vermont.

Affordability is a major topic around our legislative district, the state and the State House.  Clearly, as with education, the legislature must balance carefully the benefits of the  programs and services it supports with the costs to the taxpayers. While we focus on affordability, we cannot lose sight of livability, as we strive to make our state a great place to live, work and raise a family. Our residents and visitors have certain expectations that our roads and bridges will be maintained, our communities will be safe, our wage earners will have jobs, our residents will be healthy and our kids will be educated.  That is what I am working for as your representative at the State House.

You may contact me by email at or at home at 802-875-3456.

Leigh Dakin
Representative, Windsor District 3-1
Andover, Baltimore, Chester and No. Springfield

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