Telegraph Poll: What type of new restaurant would you want?

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Architect and community growth consultant Steven Cecil recently spoke to residents of Chester, Londonderry, Grafton, Ludlow and Springfield, telling them that in attracting tourists and new businesses, “Local and regional foodways are also important today. … Retail never leads, retail only follows. Restaurants lead.”

What Top Three type of restaurants would make you enthusiastic to visit your own downtown?

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  1. Barre Pinske says:

    I agree restaurants can lead but only in an economic environment were they can be sustained because enough residents have disposable income.

    In a town like Chester I don’t think that that is the case. Small towns I have lived in often had chef owners and home-style cooking. To pay help, and pay yourself is difficult in low population lower average income area.

    The other difficulty I see here is you need help then you don’t so unless you have kids or family that can step up you sink when no ones here (tourists) and can’t be up to standards when folks are here. I would like to be able to get some meatloaf, American chop suey, and spaghetti and meatballs.

    I would love a salad bar and possibly a breakfast bar. Why simple country food? That’s what we are here. I see so many people trying to be or do something extraordinary that takes support. How about starting with something simple that works?

    I sell a lot of cool art, invented and creative things. I sell bears too it keeps me afloat. I have never been to proud to do what people want to survive at my craft. I would ask is business about pushing you ideas on the public or about recognizing demand serving those needs? This is rural America. We have farm fresh meats and produce.

    We are a maple syrup producing region. Why would we not have the best pancakes, waffles and crepes here? People with skills to be real successful know better than to invest here right now we don’t have the people to support a venture. Too many residents are on assistance or on fixed incomes.

    In my opinion, we need arts and culture to draw folks here first then serve up the meatloaf and pancakes. We would be much better off seeing an investment of $40k on a shed roof at the festival grounds than $400k in a restaurant on The Green trust me on that one.

  2. Christine Anderson says:

    A new restaurant is opening this Spring!
    Be sure to like and follow the Facebook page for Table19 at the Crown Point Country Club! Experience the wholesome freshness of Executive Chef Evans’ exquisite locally-sourced culinary creations. Dine in elegance while enjoying our wonderful wine selection from the full bar – complimented by the scenic beauty of Southeastern Vermont ‘s breathtaking views of the Okemo ski range and Mt. Ascutney.