Green Mountain Union High announces 2nd quarter Honor Roll

honor roll artGreen Mountain Union High School has released the names of those making the Honor Roll for the 2nd quarter.

Middle School Honors are earned by those students with one off-setting grade not below a C-. (There must be an A+, A, or A- to offset the one grade of a C+, C or C-). High School Honors means that the student earned no grade lower than a B-.

7th Grade: Lindsey Sturtevant and Abigail Williams

8th Grade: Emery Benoit; Alivia Dyson; Krysta Francoeur; Rachel Guerra; Erika Knockenhauer; and Emily McCann.

9th Grade: Tanner Bischofberger; Anileah Buswell; Samantha Chase; Jeremy Fleming; Brianna Luman; Ryan McSally; Rachel Parent; and Calvin Roby

10th Grade: Thomas Knockenhauer; Ashley Thomas; and Molly Verespy

11th Grade: Jacob Dion; Alisha Dykes; Julie Hale; Reilly Knipes; Sarah Martel; Heather Morse; Jasmin Ricketts; Madison Thomas; and Kaitlin Wells

12th Grade: Adrian Baraw-Nelson; Brian Hennel; Kyle Kemp; Abel Millay; Logan Mott; Ryan Murphy; Breanna Vittum; and Casie Walton

High Honors

Middle School High Honors are earned by those with no grade below a B-, while High School High Honors goes to those students with all A’s with one B.

7th Grade: Austin Chaves; Tierra MacLean; Noah Ogorzalek; Alexis Palmer; Eric Phelps; Keegan Temple; Isaiah Tyrrell; and Cailyn Williams

8th Grade: Keegan Ewald; Rebecca Hollander; Grace Johnson; Allison Kenney; Anne Lamson; Maya Lewis; Falisha Maly; Simone Martorano; Jeffrey Parker; Alexandria Pippin; Chelsea Rose; and Cassandra Spaulding

9th Grade: Emily Crocker; Kathleen Dykes; Sierra Kehoe; Jordan Powers; Gustavo Belter Tigani; Alexia White; and Shiloh Yake

10th Grade: Lily Burgess; Mikayla Call; Brianna Dyer; Ian Kehoe; Sean Kenney; Sara Ripley; Kimball Schultz; and Tuckerman Wunderle

11th Grade:

12th Grade: Joshua Blish; Joseph Epler; Steven Kingsbury; and Daina Ricketts

Principal’s List

Middle School and High School Principal’s List is made by those with no grade below an A-.

7th Grade: James Anderson; Kameron Cummings; Meekah Hance; Laurel King; Maya Lindberg; Erin Otis; Jackie Parker-Jennings; Mahlia Parsons; Kamryn Ravlin; Chase Rawson; David Reiss; Alyssa Ripley; Anna Solzhenitsyn; Anthony Steele; Magali Stowell Aleman; Zoe Svec; Jacob Thomas; Rileigh Thomas; Grace Thompson; Madison Wilson; and Angelae Wunderle

8th Grade: Hannah Fleming; Paige Karl; Reilly Merrill; and Deirdre Moore

9th Grade: Mackenzie Anderson; Josh Bodin; Isabelle Cameron; Lydia Churchill; Skylar Dailey; Noelle Gignoux; Madeline Harper; Ben Haseltine; Clara Martorano; Dmitri Solzhenitsyn; and Sadie Wood.

10th Grade: Kassidy Cummings; Rose Jackson; Riley Karl; Hanna Veysey; Mack Walton; and Skylar White

11th Grade: Sarah Baker; Jamie Douglas; Robert Haseltine; Matthew Mosher; Kaili Osier; Hannah Sheere; and Alexandria Steele

12th Grade: Andrew Ditzler; Madeleine Fulkerson; Tylisha Johnson-Blanchard; Andrew Plumb; Alecia Rokes; Savannah Shields; Jordan Stewart; Benjamin Stowell-Danforth; Tyler Tyrrell; and Hope White

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  1. Grand Aunt Judy Cummings Pease says:

    Very proud of Kassidy Cummings. She is an All-around student.