Retailers recognized for not selling alcohol to minors

Windsor Area Prevention Partners recently recognized eight businesses in Windsor County that passed the Vermont Department of Liquor Control Alcohol Compliance Checks in not selling alcohol to minors. Black River Area Community Coalition, a member of WCPP, awarded the licensees in Ludlow and Cavendish a recognition certificate.

Leslie Stuart of the Wine and Cheese Depot with her certificate of recognition.

Leslie Stuart of the Wine and Cheese Depot.

Recognized for their efforts are:

  • Ludlow Cumberland Farms clerk Hannah Brzoza for checking the ID of the underage person who came in to purchase alcohol. They check everyone’s ID and do not sell to minors.
  • Samantha Hutchins of Shaw’s in Ludlow for checking the ID of an underage person and refusing the sale.
  • Ludlow Shell owner Attah Ullah, who says that they have not failed a test in the eight years he has owned the station.
  • Lorraine Bailey, owner of Brewfest Beverage Co. in Ludlow, credited the entire staff with diligence on checking IDs to be sure they do not sell to minors.
  • Michael Davis Jr., manager of Goodfellas Petroleum, Sunoco, in Ludlow says they take refusing sales to minors very seriously and are happy to have passed the DLC check.
  • Leslie Stuart, owner of the Wine and Cheese Depot in Ludlow, was pleased to be presented with the retailer recognition certificate.
  • The owners of Mini Beez in Cavendish, Ted and Lori Brand.
  • Shawn Allison, manager of Killarney’s in Ludlow.
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About the Author: This item was edited from one or more press releases submitted to The Chester Telegraph.

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