To the editor: Save Vermont Interactive Technologies

I am a nursing student at Vermont Technical College. Our college, as well as many other colleges, companies and people in Vermont, use Vermont Interactive Technologies for educational and training programs. Gov. Peter Shumlin has decided to cut funding for VIT to $0 in FY16. This means that VIT will cease to exist by July 1, 2015.

VIT has 13 sites and 17 studios statewide. It helps students and other groups save time and money in traveling. Many of the students in my class would be unable to attend college if not for our VIT site here in Springfield and I’m sure that applies to other VIT students throughout the state.

VIT provides a great opportunity for adult learners, like myself, who are unable to travel for school or live on a college campus because of families, jobs, home ownership and many other reasons.

I am trying to get the word out to people who have used VIT. We need to let Gov. Shumlin know that VIT is important to Vermonters. I want to encourage all people who have benefited from VIT to contact Gov. Shumlin as well as Vermont senators and representatives to share their experiences with them. Vermont needs VIT.

We have signed petitions and VTC’s interim director of nursing education programs, Cynthia A. Martindill, has gone before the Vermont legislature to plead our case. But we have been informed that the governor and legislators want to hear personally from people who have used VIT.

I’m am looking for your assistance in getting this information out to Vermonters. VIT’s website: has a link to learn more about how to save VIT.

You can email Gov. Shumlin, cc Secretary of Administration Justin Johnson (same email address below), at, call him at 802-828-3333 or fax him at 802-828-3339. His address is 109 State St., Pavilion, Montpelier, VT 05609

I would appreciate your help in informing our community about this education loss for Vermonters.

Thank you,

Rebecca L. Lyons

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