To the editor: Report from CAES Food & Nutritional Services

The Chester-Andover Elementary School Food and Nutritional Services have been working very hard all yearlong to enhance our breakfast service and we are pleased with the progress. We have yet to offer it in the classroom, but I am patient. Good things take time.

We offer breakfast daily from 7 to 8 a.m., so feel free to come and join the kids for a great breakfast. The menu changes daily but we do offer assorted cereal everyday.

The Harvest of the Month Program is doing very well. Every month we showcase a different vegetable and offer a taste-testing for the entire school during lunch. The kids love trying new things like carrot and beet salad, kale chips and roasted root vegetables. Then at some point we incorporate the new items in the menus. It is a great way to introduce the kids to new and healthy foods.

Last month, the kindergarten kids thought they were eating candy and it was a nice shredded beet and carrot salad. This is all a part of the statewide Farm to School Program we are part of. We are part of a statewide effort to introduce new and healthy choices to the children.
Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is slowing down just a bit. By this time in our school year the grant money is getting low but I am sure we can make it through the year. We offer fresh fruit platters during non-meal hours for the children. This usually becomes their morning snack. This is also a great opportunity to expose the children to new fruits and vegetables. We offer everything from kiwis to clementines to blackberries.

Our annual Hawaiian Luau is scheduled for Tuesday, April 28. This is a fun day of great food and games. We decorate the cafeteria, play music and have a limbo contest. We offer a huge meal including a fruit and veggie buffet. We will also highlight the Harvest of the Month:  Beans, which will be featured in many ways.

Jack Carroll and Staff
Chester-Andover Elementary School

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