Warning: prime wild fire conditions expected this weekend

Chester Fire Department fights a brushfire in 2014

Chester Fire Department fights a brush fire in 2014

As Vermont dries out from winter each year, a new hazard presents itself.  Dead grass, leaves, and brush are prime fuel for   brush fires, particularly when dried out under sunshine, low relative humidity, and just two or three rain-free days in a row.  The National Weather Service reports those conditions are expected this coming weekend.

According to the Vermont Department of Public Safety, 75 per cent of all fires during a given year typically occur in April and May.  Open burns set by homeowners that then get out of control account the majority of wildland and brush fires. Losing control of a fire can happen quickly in dry conditions, and it’s even more hazardous if winds are blowing.

All open burning must have a Permit to Kindle Fire from the town Forest Fire Warden.  The Fire Warden has the right to restrict open burning when fuels and weather conditions may enhance the potential for wildfires.  In addition to obtaining a burn permit, you should also clear the area around a pile of all flammable material, never leave the fire unattended, have a hose and tools such as a shovel or rake on hand, burn only natural vegetative material, and call 911 immediately if the fire gets out of control.

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