Kurn Hattin luncheon held to honor more than 100 volunteers


K urn Hattin Homes for Children held its Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on Thursday, April 30 to honor and thank the more than 100 volunteers who devoted their personal time and energy throughout the year.

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Volunteers attending the 2015 Kurn Hattin Homes’ Volunteer Recognition Luncheon, from left are: Elizabeth Maiola, Jean Anderson, Stacey Illingworth, Janet Wilson, Bill Fenn, Sally Mundell, Anita Roy, Carol Failla, Chris Goding, Jeff Bianconi, the Rev. Sami McCrae, Larry and Bette Wunderle, and Sue Nostrand. Click photo to enlarge.

Executive Director Connie Sanderson thanked the volunteers for their selflessness, also acknowledging their importance in making a long-term difference in the lives of the children. Sanderson highlighted the generosity of their unique gift of time and guidance, by quoting Thomas Jefferson, “May I never get too busy with my own affairs that I fail to respond to the needs of others with kindness and compassion.” The volunteer team helps with governance, school and recreational activities, sports, music and special events.

This year’s honorees are:

    • William Abbott, David Adams, Donna Aldrich, Jean Anderson,
    • Jerry & Linda Bardwell,  Christopher Barry, Diane Bazin, Jeff Bianconi, Sue Bingaman, Michael Blau, John Bohannon, Bill & Barbara Brackett, Carol Brennan-Johnson, Gordon Bristol, Stephanie Brown, Eileen Brown, Scott Bundy, Deborah Burrows,
    • Phil Caliendo, Gary Carrier, Christopher Chapman, Fran Cheslock, Sheriff Keith Clark, Paul Clough, Gary Cobb, Pat Crotty,
    • Marion Daley, Peter Danforth, Jamie & Mary Jo Dansereau, Ruth DeMone, Ed Dinnany, Shirley Doyle,
    • Tim Eno, Carol Failla, Deborah Fajans, Michael Fawcett, Bill Fenn, Amy Fletcher, Justin & Shannon Fuller,
    • Chris Goding, Christopher Hackett,  the Rev. Lance W. Harlow, Martha Harrington, Elizabeth Henry, Elizabeth Hicken, John Hubbard, Elliott Hunnewell,
    • Geoffrey and Stacey Illingworth, Lyssa Jackson, Tim Janis, Richard Johnson, Barbara Joy,
    • Charles P. Kelsey, Kenneth King, Kay Kloppenburg, Jon Korpela,
    • Michelle Laurendeau, Bertha Lawrence, Steve H. Lee, Abigail Littlefield, James A. Lynch, the Rev. Sami MacRae, Elizabeth Maiola, Jackie Mallory, Jimmy Malley, Rick Manson, Bruce Martin, Barbara Matteson, Taylor Maynard, Tammy Mellish, Michelle Menegaz, Walter Menzel, Kathleen Michel, Jeanne Moore, Marilyn Moore, David Morse, Sally Motzer,
    • Rhonda Nolan, George Nostrand, Sue Nostrand, Michael J. Obuchowski, Ben Olson, Virginia Onorato,
    • Frank Patterson, Rebecca Pedigo, Phil Perlah, James Pfadenhauer, Mrs. Frank J. Prindl, Jasmin Queen,
    • John Reed, Leslie Richards, Caryl Richardson, Marilyn Roberts, James Robertson, Anita Roy, Stan Rumrill,
    • William J. Scarlett, IV, Amy Sciacca, Sheldon Scott, Catherine Semans, Donald Shaughnessy, Elaine Sinclair, Robert Sinclair, Tina Smith, Susie Smith, Merton Snow, Lindsey Soboleski, Judy Spinella, Malcolm Streeter, Janice Sussebach,
    • Dr. Vernon Temple, Polly Thompson, Michael W. Todd, Matt Tomberg, Vern & Roberta Violette,
    • Barbara West, Gary West, Joan Willey, Ronald M. Williams, Janet Wilson, Greg Worden and Larry and Bette Wunderle.

Also recognized were numerous dedicated staff members who selflessly volunteer during their free time.  If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities at Kurn Hattin Homes, call (802) 721-6921 and speak with Keri Newton. Kurn Hattin Homes’s mission is to transform the lives of children and their families forever. For more information, go to: www.kurnhattin.org

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