VTel now offering 10 gigabit Internet service

Springfield-based VTel has introduced 10 gigabits per second Internet available to every VTel home at $400 per month. The current $35-a-month charge for 1 gigabit Internet will remain in place.

Justin Robinson, VTel’s chief technology officer, said that four years ago VTel was proud “to initiate first-in-Vermont 1 gigabit Internet … We’re even more delighted today to announce first-in-Vermont 10 gbps Internet.”

VTel’s 10 gig residential Internet has been made possible by an $85 million VTel telephone network award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service. This RUS project is expected to be complete by June 30 on budget and on schedule, according to VTel.

“We’re very grateful to RUS for all their support during these past three years of construction,” said VTel CEO Michel Guite. “RUS’s vision that super-high-speed Internet can help change lives in rural America is being borne out. Many VTel customers today use 20 to 50 times more Internet than they did before, and rural families who never before used Internet are signing up.”

VTel’s $35 a month price for 1 gbps Internet remains unchanged while VTel’s new 10 gbps Internet service to homes is $400 a month.

Few Vermont providers offer 10 gbps to even Vermont’s largest corporate customers, with costs often exceeding $15,000 per month.

VTel’s 1,700-mile optical fiber network, connecting Vermont to New York, Boston and Montreal, is the fastest in Vermont, offering data pipes at speeds of 100 gig. It serves three of the largest research universities in the northeast, many of Vermont’s largest high schools, and recently upgraded Burlington School District’s Internet services to 10 gbps.

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  1. Jim Mitchell says:

    Do we know what the rates are going to be? I am a senior living on a fixed income of just SS right now I pay $11 a month for phone internet and TV with Comcast. My rent in senior housing is $345 a month . My SS is only $1,200. So much for VT Tel if they are that costly.

  2. John Garison says:

    I live in Chester on a dead-end dirt road and telecommute to New York for a software company. VTel’s gigabit service has been a godsend as I have more bandwidth from home than my company offices have in NYC. But $400 a month for 10Gb service? Not until it comes down a LOT.

  3. Betty says:

    So, it is a success if you manage to offer something that no one can afford? $400 a month for homes? Come on!