Rockingham Library urges residents to get a library card

A library card opens the door to unlimited resources.

A Rockingham Public Library card opens the door to free unlimited free resources.

The Rockingham Library wants to remind the public that the best back-to-school supply is a library card. It’s free and opens the door to a wealth of knowledge. Studies show children who visit the library regularly often outperform their peers in school and regular library visits help sustain a person’s passion for lifelong learning as well.

A Rockingham Library card provides patrons with a wide range of free resources: books, movies, magazines, and passes to area parks and museums. Students can use their library cards at home to access educational resources, including e-books, online homework help, online databases, and more.

All are encouraged to use the public computers at the library to research a topic, stay in touch with family and friends, or take online classes. The library offers free access to wifi for laptops and other portable devices. The staff is always available to assist their patrons and visitors.

Rockingham residents are eligible for a free library card and any student attending a WNESU school—no matter the home address—may also apply for a free card. For all others, the cost for a non-resident card is $25 for six months or $50 for a full year. For more information, stop by the library at 65 Westminster St. in Bellows Falls, call 802-463-4270 or visit

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