To the editor: Thank you to all who help Webster’s House and its animals

Webster’s House has the most wonderful community support from the area, our big-hearted hardworking volunteers and our dear adopters.

Recently, we reached out to some of our supporters. We needed help fast. And just as quickly as the call went out, the love and help showed up. Our hearts filled with gratitude.

It is difficult as a small, non-financed animal shelter that relies only on kind and generous people to keep us doing what we do. We have no paid employees so everyone who lends a hand is a volunteer. They come out of the love and commitment they have for us and our animals. We thank these people especially, the cat tenders who feed, water and clean, the handy people, bakers, gardeners, painters, booth sitters, tag sale runners and others who stay for an hour, a week, a month or years.

Webster’s House often runs on the love of our mission alone, with empty pockets, unpaid bills stacked up, sick animals needing a vet and the coming and going of board members and volunteers.

It’s the community, our community, that shares in our successes during our 15 years of service. If you’re wondering who pays for our heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, electricity, food, cleaning supplies, and most importantly or vet bills, it’s you.

We’d like to stop a moment to say “Thank you” and express our gratitude to everyone.

Thank you to our board members over the years, who are also volunteers. They take what little we have and make it work. As many of our past board members will tell you, it is almost an impossible job.

We are blessed by the charitableness of people daily, including those who’ve walked through our doors and adopted our animals, those who’ve stopped by our booths at events to leave a bit of change in our jar, and those who’ve made a random stop at our website to make a donation. The donors who don’t know us, but send us funds to honor their friend or loved one, thank you.

Our regular donors who monthly forward $5, $10, $25 or what they can spare, we thank you. The children, classes and their teachers who hold bake sales, collect cat food, and donations we’d like thank. And to the anonymous donors who leave cat necessities, wood pellets and other shelter needs, with no recognition: Thank you.

Thank you to our local businesses that distribute our literature, keep our collection banks on their counters, drop off paper towels and such and allow us to post our signs on their walls and the media that publishes our news and appeals.

We know you are there and we know you are why we are still here. You are why most of the hundreds of cats we’ve housed over the years have the love and home life they crave. Because of our spay/neuter commitment,  countless animals are saved from a life of abandonment or abuse.

Thank you from all of the animals and humans at Webster’s House (and The Animal Rescue and Protection Society).

Webster’s House is located at 1758 Route 103S in Chester. You can find more information at

Mary Donaldson
shelter manager
Websters House Animal Shelter/The Animal Rescue and Protection Society

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