To the editor: Review process for towers, energy projects less strict

A number of articles and letters to the editor fault the Public Service Board for so easily approving communications towers and alternative energy projects.

My review, as an experienced land use attorney of many recent cases, indicates that much fault (or credit, if you support such projects) belongs to the Vermont legislature, which has specified a review process for such projects that is less rigorous than that required for other projects.

Very truly yours,

Jon Anderson
Burak Anderson & Melloni

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  1. Justin Turco says:

    Jon, You are correct. Also the fact that we have specified targets for renewable energy, for example, means that more of these projects must be in the public good. If 90% renewable energy on the grid is the goal then any project that will help achieve that misguided goal is likely to get approved.

    Misguided, because wind and solar are too variable and intermittent to be relied on by ISO-NE. Highly subsidized which makes it “look” cost competitive with other forms of generation that actually work. Big wind ruins neighbor’s lives, kills birds and bats and fragments the woods in which it is built. Good for the developer, bad for the guy who has to pay for it.

    You are right, blame the legislature. They push it, we pay for it and have to live with it.