Chester Police Log for June 13 through Sept. 10, 2015

Chester Police Badge copy2Editor’s Note: The Chester Telegraph Police Log is a sampling of incidents directly from Chester Police reports. We do not identify individual victims of crimes nor those who have been arrested.

Saturday, June 13, 10:02 a.m.

Police spotted a chicken running out into traffic at River Street and Route 103 South being chased down by a dog, which promptly killed it in the middle of the road. There were two dogs actually chasing chickens and the owner said they had killed two. The dogs were a shepherd mixed breed. Police found the dogs – they had returned home. Neither dog was registered with the town. The owner was issued a ticket.

Tuesday, June 16, 8:03 a.m.

Police went to Sylvan Road for the report of an automobile that was similar to one involved in a homicide in Windsor the day before. Chester Police and the Vermont State Police found the auto and spotted a man standing next to a stream with a fishing pole in his hand. The 37-year-old man said he was on his way home after his employment was canceled because of the rain and he decided to stop to fish. He said he had caught a couple of fish but threw them back since “he is a catch and release guy.” The man did not have his driver’s license with him, and it turned out to be criminally suspended. He added that his fishing license was at home. He then admitted that he did not have a fishing license since he was caught transporting an illegal deer. Police then called the Vermont Game Warden to the scene. The man also admitted that his girlfriend had suggested that he not drive his car since it matched the description of the homicide car. The man also had .43 ounces of marijuana packaged in three bags that were turned over to the game warden, who also issued the fish and game violations. The man’s mother and father then came to the scene to pick him up.

Tuesday, July 7, 6:15 p.m.

Police responded to the Post Office for a report that a woman was sitting in the entryway by the door with a male waiting in a car with New York plates. Neither had warrants against them. The woman said she was spitting into a DNA cup to mail in to determine her race and was in the corner because she didn’t want her boyfriend seeing her spit. She said he needed to do this in Vermont because she could not do so in New York. She then asked if there were any nature trails in the area, which the officer thought was odd because of the hour and because it looked like it was going to rain. The woman also said they were not staying overnight in the area.

Sunday, July 19 at 9 p.m.

Police responded to Mattson Road for the report of an assault and was met by a 61-year-old man on the porch holding his left eye. There was blood on his face. The man said he had been assaulted by his tenant after the power had gone out and he started up the generator. The tenant confronted him about the outage and struck him in the head and face with a closed fist saying that he had intentionally turned off the power. The landlord said that he wore a glass contact in his left eye and that the punch in that eye had knocked him out. He was concerned that the his eye was permanently damaged. The officer noticed swelling and bleeding. Police approached the tenant at his apartment and smelled alcohol on his breath. He admitted to drinking, which is a violation of a court order. He was charged with simple assault and criminal contempt. The landlord was taken to the hospital to have glass removed from his eye.

Wednesday, July 22 at 10:24 p.m.

An off-duty officer reported that a green Jeep had been driven recklessly around the parking lot of the American Legion on Route 103 South and was spewing gasoline. The Jeep was now headed to the parking lot of Green Mountain Union High School. Police found the Jeep in the student parking zone, unoccupied. At the same time, a silver truck occupied by four youths was leaving the parking lot. They were stopped at the parking lot of the old Jack’s Diner. A passenger said the Jeep was his and he was unaware it was leaking gas. Police told them to take care of the problem now so it didn’t leak gasoline all over the school parking lot.

Tuesday, Aug. 4, 7:55 p.m.

A police patrol spotted an ATV pull out of a Chandler Road driveway and travel down the road toward the officer, who then turned on his blue lights to warn the driver to stop. The operator said that he was trying to make a trail on the side of the road on his property and the he just bought the ATV a few days earlier. At the same time, two men approached on foot and asked to speak to the officer privately. One said that an ATV that he owned was stolen in June 2015 from his Mt. Holly residence and friends had told him about the similar looking one on Chandler Road. They had come down to see if it was the stolen ATV. The Chester resident seemed very upset at the news. The ATV was towed for further investigation. Upon finding the VIN number on the ATV, it was determined to be the same vehicle. No criminal charges were filed on the Chester resident.

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 6:30 a.m.

A grandmother living in the Popple Dungeon Road area called to report that her granddaughter was missing and that the last time she saw her was at 11 p.m. the night before. The father was out looking for her. Police suggested that they check her cellphone or Facebook page. There were Facebook discussions of a sexual nature with friends, including requests for nude photos. Shortly thereafter, Springfield police said that they located the girl and arrangements were made to pick her up.  Police warned the girl of the dangers and legal trouble she could get into for sending such photos.

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 10:40 a.m.

Dogs on Main Street were reportedly creating unreasonable noise with their incessant barking. The complainant was advised to not only file a complaint but to have others who were bothered by the situation do so as well.

Saturday, Aug. 15, 6:46 p.m.

Police responded to a call at Circle Drive for a report that someone in a white SUV was honking his horn, had a firearm and was threatening to use it. Police found the vehicle in front of a home that was for sale. The driver was texting and the car was running. The man said he was looking at the house to buy it. Police shut off the SUV, then determined that the man was there because he believed his girlfriend was cheating on him with the person who called to complain. The driver did not have any weapons on him or in the SUV. He was told not to come to the area again since this was about the sixth time he had done so.

Monday, Aug. 17, 9:28 p.m.

A woman was injured when her husband hit her in the jaw. According to police, the assault occurred on in the Trebo Road area. The complainant, the husband, called police to say his wife had slapped him and both parties were intoxicated. Chester Ambulance was being called to the same address for a woman with an injured jaw.

The man told police that “my wife slapped me, an as a reaction I” and the man motioned with his right hand an open-palm striking motion. The woman’s son said his mother was on the back porch with a possible broken jaw. The woman had an ice pack on her right cheek and jaw and was crying. As the woman attempted to tell police what happened, she looked to be in terrible pain and it looked as though her teeth were not lining up, consistent with a possible jaw injury. She was able to say they argued about items scattered about the porch and she did slap her husband, who then hit her.

The son said that he saw blood on his step-father’s hand and found his mother lying on the floor of the porch. The husband was arrested and the wife was transported to Springfield Hospital.

Saturday, Aug. 29, 10:48 a.m.

Police received a call about a loose white goat walking in the road near Green Mountain Union High School. Dispatch said the goat’s name is Earl and is owned by Thomas. Upon arrival of the police, Thomas had Earl on a 20-foot lead. But Earle was putting up a good fight and wanted to do his own thing. Earle did appear to be an stubborn old goat with big horns. Thomas walked Earle back home and said he was going to see how he got loose.

Sunday, Aug. 30, 8:32 p.m.

A vehicle ran into an ice machine at the Jiffy Mart then left the scene. There was no damage to the machine and Jiffy Mart was “none too worried about it.”

Saturday, Sept. 5, 10:18 a.m.

Police received a call of a loose white goat walking in traffic on Route 103 South. Dispatch advised that the goat’s name is Earl and that his owner is Thomas. By the time police arrived, Thomas had already captured Earl.

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 6:37 p.m.

A man and his missing husky were reunited. The man reported that his dog had been missing two weeks but that a friend said he had seen pictures on Facebook of a husky that he believed with this man’s dog. Police located the FB photos, all recent. There were no other earlier pictures. The man said the dog had a scar between her eyes and a C-section scar. Police contacted the FB user who said he picked up the dog a few weeks earlier since it had been living under his father’s trailer. He described the area similar to where the owner of the missing husky lived. Police looked at the dog and saw a C-section scar. The man with the dog was willing to give her up to police to find out if the complainant was the original owner, which he was.

Thursday, Sept. 10, 10:41 a.m.

Associate Principal Michael Ripley reported a theft from the girls locker room at Green Mountain Union High School. He said that someone went through bags in the locker room and stole an Iphone valued at $750. He says he recovered the phone, which was returned to the victim, then told her and her mother to call police if they wished to pursue this for criminal charges.

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