‘Selfless actions’ save life in I-91 crash

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Car on fire

Firefighters respond to the burning car on I-91

A father and daughter saved a Claremont, N.H., man from death in his burning car last night on I-91 ,according to Vermont State Police. Michel and

Gene Farnham's 2008 Chrysler Sebring after the fire. VSP photo

Gene Farnham’s 2008 Chrysler Sebring after the fire. Vermont State Police photos.

Marie Lajoie of Maryland were driving on the interstate just after midnight when they noticed that a car in the median was on fire in its engine compartment.

The car, driven by Gene Farnham, 66, had left the highway and crashed into some trees.

According to state police, the Lajoies stopped their car and went to help. The pair could not see into the passenger compartment because of thick smoke but they could hear Farnham calling for help.

Farnham could not unlock the doors or open his window. Michel Lajoie was able to break the rear passenger window and get to Farnham and, with his daughter, dragged Farnham out of the Chrysler Sebring just before the fire spread to the rest of the car.

Springfield Police officer Steve Neilly arrived just after the Lajoies removed Farnham from the car and helped move him away from the fire and across the highway. Farnham was taken to Springfield Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. State Police said that “Marie and Michel Lajoie’s quick thinking and selfless actions placed themselves in harm’s way and undoubtedly saved Farnham’s life.”

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