GM V-girls trounce Long Trail 47-10; Proctor boys beat GM

By Anileah Buswell and Chrystal Longe
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GM girls vs LT

GM’s Paige Karl takes a jump shot

The Chieftains did not offer the Mountain Lions a chance on the court at Green Mountain Union High School last Thursday night.

GM only let the Long Trail girls score once early on, with a layup from Courtney McGowan. The Mountain Lions were able to bring the ball down to their side of their court, but not for long when a Chieftain girl reclaimed the ball.

GM kept the ball moving and away from Long Trail, with aggressive play from Paige Karl, who stole the ball several times and at one point sunk a layup.

Throughout the game, GM continued to bare its teeth, but that didn’t stop the Mountain Lions’ Courtney McGowan and Markie Moore from scoring six more points.  Again, the Chieftains dominated, with Kassidy Cummings, Maya Lewis, Anne Lamson, Hanna Veysey and Reilly Merrill bringing in 20 points.

By  game’s end, the Chieftains tired out the Mountain Lions, only letting a final two points slip in, before finishing the game strong with another 17 points. The Green Mountain girls were ruthless, and stole from Long Trail countless times, resulting in the final winning score of 47-10.

The lead scorer of the game was GM’s Kassidy Cummings, with 8 points, all of which were nothing but net.

In other recent b-ball action

Proctor beats GM boys 65-47

GM boys v Proctor

GM controls the ball.

On Monday, Dec. 14, both Green Mountain and Proctor were strong on the court in their game at Green Mountain, but, ultimately Proctor took home the win  65-47 in this varsity boys basketball matchup.

The Proctor Phantoms controlled the ball in the very beginning until GM’s Lucas Trask intercepted a pass and assisted in a 3-pointer from Mack Walton. Both were able to mimic their actions for another 3-pointer a bit later.

A strong defense by both teams ended a streak of goals. But even that couldn’t last. The silent baskets were ended by two scores from the Phantoms, followed by two from the Chieftains.

A long string of passes and screening among the Chieftains turned into a shot for Ian Kehoe. Following a timeout — and foul shots from each side —  the game returned to its intense state. This time, Proctor intercepted a GM pass to score.

The game began to fade with a few layups from Green Mountain and a lot of rebounds from each team.  Green Mountain’s Cooper McCoy scored the most points out of both teams with a total of 19 points.

GM girls take a tough loss to Hartford 72-29

GM girls v hartford

GM girls working to score.

On Monday, Dec. 7, the GMUHS girls basketball team had a rough start to the season  with a 72-29 loss to Hartford. The Chieftains played defensively against  Hartford, blocking any shots they could. But while lots of effort was shown, lots of shots were missed.

Right behind Lamson, Paige Karl, scored the team another two points with a layup. Following behind Karl was Rachel Guerra, with a point scored shooting a foul shot. Green Mountain finished the quarter with seven points, and Hartford with 15.

GM strove for a comeback, growing aggressive and more strategic.  Sarah Rogers stole the ball a number of times and scored two points. Kassidy Cummings netted two points straight into the basket, showing solid offensive talent.  Lamson again grabbed two points, ending the second quarter with 13. Hartford finished the second quarter with 31 points.

But GM just couldn’t match the play and, by the end of the third quarter, was down 24 to 51.

The fourth quarter saw GM grabbing only five points with Hartford pushing forth to pick up 21 more, for a final score of 72 to 29.

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About the Author: Chrystal Longe and Anileah Buswell are sophomores at Green Mountain Union High School.

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