Chester Police Log for Dec. 5 to Dec. 28, 2015

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Chester Police LogoEditor’s Note: The Chester Telegraph Police Log is a sampling of incidents directly from Chester Police reports. In general, we do not identify individual victims of crimes nor those who have been arrested.

Saturday, Dec. 5, 9:29 a.m.

State Police in Rockingham alerted Chester Police that there was a car at the intersection of Route 11 and Andover Road. According to the complaint, the car had been parked and running for quite some time. The Chester officer found the car off the travel portion of the road with a man sleeping inside. The driver told police that he was on his way from Keene, N.H., to Belmont, Vt., to see a friend when he became tired and decided to pull over. The man’s license was civilly suspended. The officer advised the driver that he needed someone to pick him up and that the car was grounded.

Sunday, Dec. 6, 3:18 p.m.

Chester Police responded to an accident in which a red Ford Focus had crashed into a utility pole. The officer concluded that the operator had been driving too fast for the conditions when she hit ice in the road.

Monday Dec. 7, 6:18 p.m.

Police responded to a complaint of telephone threatening. The complainant told the officer of the person who had been harassing him, but the officer was not able to contact the subject. As of Dec. 12 however the subject has been arrested on another charge and is currently in prison.

Saturday, Dec. 12, 7:15 p.m.

Two Chester officers responded to a Route 11 East residence for the report of a family fight. The residents refused to let the police in. At 10:30 p.m., officers responded to a 911 hangup. One woman reported that the man at the house had choked her to the point of her blacking out while another woman said there had been no physical contact. The man, who was visibly intoxicated, was under conditions of release that he not buy, have or consume alcohol. His breath test yielded a .226 BAC. He was taken to Springfield Hospital to be checked out and lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility for lack of $500 bail and was ordered held until sober.

Sunday, Dec. 13, 8:24 p.m.

A complainant on Route 103 South told an officer that she was in the middle of a shower and all soapy when her water was shut off. The tenant told police that there are eviction proceedings going on, but that a man who lives on the property turns the water on and off for the landlord. The officer contacted the man who said he was shutting off the water to the downstairs to keep the pipes from freezing. The officer told the man that he had also turned off the upstairs and that he should not do that again.

Monday, Dec. 14, 10:49 a.m.

A resident on River Street reported that two packages from Amazon had been delivered by UPS, then stolen off the porch. The complainant had Amazon and UPS records showing the delivery on Dec. 7.

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 6:15 p.m.

A Chester officer was advised by the State Police in Rockingham that Joshua Corliss, 33, of Springfield, was on Grafton Street and wanted to turn himself in. Corliss had been identified as a suspect in the armed robbery of the Cavendish General Store the day before. The officer found Corliss near Main Street, took him into custody without incident and drove him down to the State Police barracks in Rockingham where detectives from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation were waiting for him.

Sunday, Dec. 20, 8:45 p.m.

A Chester officer assisted State Police with an incident in the Eastman Road area. The complainant told police that a person had come to the house and would not leave. The complainant was carrying what the officer described as a .45 caliber handgun with ­one in the chamber.” The officer assisted that trooper in securing the gun and assisted a second trooper in looking for the other party in the incident.

Monday, Dec. 21, 4:30 p.m. 

While on patrol in Chester, an officer heard radio traffic about the pursuit by State Police of a car thought to be involved in an armed bank robbery in Ludlow.  The officer spoke with the state trooper following the car and participated in a “felony car stop” on Twenty Mile Stream Road in Cavendish with several troopers and the chief of the Weathersfield Police Department. The occupants in the car were not involved with the heist according to the report.

Monday, Dec. 28, 4:51 p.m.

In an ongoing dispute between a landlord and a tenant on Route 10, an officer responded to a complaint that the landlord was withholding water from the tenant who told the officer that she had not showered in five days and can’t flush the toilet. The officer spoke with the landlord who he said was very rude and uncooperative. The tenant said she was looking for a new place to rent and just wanted out.

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