GMUHS announces Honor Roll for 2nd Quarter 2016

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Green Mountain Union High School has announced its 2st Quarter Honor Roll for the 2015-2016 school year.


Middle School Honors are earned by those students with one off-setting grade not below a C-.(There must be an A+, A, or A- to offset the one grade of a C+, C or C-). High School Honors means that the student earned no grade lower than a B-.

7th Grade:  Ty Veysey and Izabelle White

8th Grade: Reaghan Bushey; Maya Lindberg; Alexis Palmer; Gregory Picz and Isaiah Tyrrell

9th Grade: Emily Barr; Bailie Carey; Evan Church; Jillian Hale; Grace Johnson; Allison Kenney; Simone Martorano; Reilly Merrill; Jeffrey Parker; Chelsea Rose and Marissa Sparkman

10th Grade: Isabelle Cameron; Skylar Dailey; Andrew Gould; Brianna Luman; Evan Otis; Rachel Parent and Finn Thurston

11th Grade: Riley Karl; Sean Kenney; Nathaniel Prouty; Jace Provance; Sara Ripley; Sarah Rogers; Kimball Schultz and Ashley Thomas

12th Grade: Matthew Chambers and Sarah Martel

High Honors

Middle School High Honors are earned by those with no grade below a B-, while High School High Honors goes to those students with all A’s with one B.

7th Grade: Hailey Carlisle; Anna Church; Mary Churchill; Sarah Devereux; Rex Hill; Nicolas Houghton; Gwendylan Kekic; Graeme McGrath; Johannah Parker; Sawyer Pippin; Anika Reitmeyer-Lankone; Madison Rose and Chestina Terry

8th Grade: Claire Alosi; Meekah Hance; Erin Otis; Jackie Parker-Jennings; Kamryn Ravlin; Chase Rawson; David Reiss; Magali Stowell Aleman; Grace Thompson and Madison Wilson

9th Grade: Emery Benoit; Rachel Guerra; Caitlin McCoy; Jacob Pailley and Cassandra Spaulding

10th Grade: Kathleen Dykes; Jeremy Fleming; Madeline Harper; Casey Richardson and Eliza Rounds

11th Grade: Lily Burgess; Kassidy Cummings; Mack Walton and Skylar White

12th Grade: Alisha Dykes; Robert Haseltine; Madison Thomas and Kaitlin Wells

Principal’s List

Middle School and High School Principal’s List is made by those with no grade below an A-.

7th Grade: Aliza Allen; Willem Bargfrede; Mary Cameron;  Jayda Golden; Alexandra Hutchins; Lily Jones; Skyler Klezos; Ty Merrill; Kyleigh Moses; Tierney O’Brien; Claire Tyrrell; Keegan Wilbur and Olivia Wright

8th Grade: James Anderson; Kameron Cummings; Laurel King; Alyssa Ripley; Anna Solzhenitsyn; Zoe Svec; Jacob Thomas; Rileigh Thomas and Angelae Wunderle

9th Grade: Paige Karl; Anne Lamson; Maya Lewis; Deirdre Moore and Delenn Moore.

10th Grade: Josh Bodin; Kira Breunig; Samantha Chase; Lydia Churchill; Skylar Dailey; Noelle Gignoux; Ben Haseltine; Sierra Kehoe; Clara Martorano; Eliza Rounds and Sadie Wood

11th Grade: Mikayla Call; Nathaniel Prouty; Nicole Rocha and Hanna Veysey

12th Grade: Sarah Baker; Kyle Cyr; Rylee Ewald; Heather Morse; Michele Picz; Rachael Ravlin; Jasmin Ricketts; Rachel Spigel; Megan Spinrad and Alexandria Steele

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