To the editor: Write-in candidate seeks Grafton residents’ votes

My name is Matt Siano and I am asking for your write in vote on March 1st for the two year open seat on the Grafton Select Board.

My wife Anita and I have been voting residents since 1980 and have gratefully given our son Anthony the opportunity to live, attend school and grow here in Grafton.

Letters to the editor logo 3I have remained somewhat of the politically silent majority when it has come to town politics.  I have however, closely watched others who have served Grafton and have great respect for their efforts and many successes in the management of Grafton.

I also have respect for the many others who have remained silent on issues but yet still deserve to opine and have the opportunity for due diligence in the future of Grafton.  I have known many neighbors and friends of the Grafton community all of my life.  The personal ties and memories of old stories told of a great town and its people give me a strong link to the history of Grafton.

My personal services in town had been many years with the Fire Department, having served as a Level One firefighter.  I was also a member of the FAST squad and a Red Cross CPR instructor.  Other local area community service included coaching youth soccer and high school level hockey for PVA at Vermont Academy.

My work, in general, has not given me the opportunity to perform community service as much as I would have liked.  I had spent winter seasons up until the last few as a professional ski patroller and outdoor emergency care instructor for National Ski Patrol having served at officer and director levels with local ski resorts.

My education has been in both environmental science and plant and soil science with a major in turf science.  With my ecological and agronomical background, I began my own business in 1982 from here in Grafton and have brought it to a successful independently owned turf care and landscape construction company that covers all of Southern Vermont and New Hampshire competing and working with national publicly held companies.

I have managed projects — state and federally funded — in both Vermont and New Hampshire, and have a strong understanding of dealing with state and federal level regulations. Many projects include erosion control, bank stabilization, wetland planting and river and lake shore best management practices.
I have learned how there is much waste in time and many financial mistakes when it comes to government subsidized projects.

It has not been easy to be a small business in Vermont.  It is not the same state many had once known.  I was once told by a now-large, established company that left Grafton in the 1970s to move to New Hampshire. Well, they were probably right, but I stayed nonetheless because I believed in Vermont.

Another businessman once told me that small business keeps America growing.  I believe it is what will keep Vermont and, inevitably, Grafton growing as well: businesses that entertain our guests throughout the seasons, farm locally grown foods and produce specialty products along with independent professionals with small technology companies. All of this can continue to evolve with low environmental impact on a very environmentally sensitive valley and community.

I am sure the reasons you remain in Grafton are because of the quiet, safe and scenic environment it offers.  We all need to do our due diligence and consider a full commitment in maintaining an ecological and economical community for Grafton: a community without big government intervention but with government that supports small business, local beliefs and common sense.

I will appreciate your write-in vote on March 1.

Matt Siano

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