West Rutland boys get past Green Mountain 33-28

Trask 10 Walton 2 and C Smith 23

No. 10 Lucas Trask with Chase Smith, No. 23 run to protect Mack Walton, No. 2 with the ball. All photos by Chrystal Longe. Click any photo to launch gallery.

By Anileah Buswell
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Green Mountain’s Chieftains played hard at home against West Rutland last Thursday night. Both teams showed great passing and defensive skills, but the Golden Horde was able to pull the final score in its direction with a few great baskets late in the game.

The Chieftains opened the game with two impressive plays resulting in a quick 5 points. Mack Walton assisted Ryan McSally in a 2- point shot, and closely following that, Matt Chambers assisted Walton in firing an incredible 3-pointer.

West Rutland eventually took control of the ball with a steal from Bryan Maxham, but lost it shortly after and Walton was able to sink another shot.

Chase Smith 23 tries to stop the action

Chase Smith, center, works to stop the action.

Green Mountain pulled out to a heavy lead over the Horde, but between good ball handling and passing and the number of foul shots the Horde got to take, West Rutland pulled back into the game.

Two points by Maxham and another three by Kaleb McLaren brought the West Rutland boys the lead.

Battling back, the Chieftains made three layups in a row, one by Lucas Trask and two more by Walton.

But the Horde would not go quietly, answering GM’s scores with a layup by Tyler Groh and a 2-point shot made by Maxham.

Chambers 24 grabs the ball

Matt Chambers grabs the ball …

With Green Mountain leading by a hair as the clock ticked down to the end of the game. The teams traded the ball several times and managed to get off some shots, but not many found their targets.

Three fouls on West Rutland gave the Horde a lot of chances, but it failed to convert them into points. In the end, it was Maxham with three 2-point shots that gave the Horde its 5-point win, 33 to 28.

McSally 1 Trask 10 Walton 2 Chambers 24

and is followed to the goal by Ryan McSally, No. 1, Lucas Trask, No. 10, and Mack Walton, No. 2.

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About the Author: Chrystal Longe and Anileah Buswell are sophomores at Green Mountain Union High School.

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