To the editor: Hall touts dedication to Grafton in Select Board race

I’m Noralee Hall, and I’m running for re-election to the three-year selectman’s seat on the Grafton Select Board. I’m asking for your vote on Town Meeting Day Tuesday, March 1st so that we can continue to move our town forward.

Letters to the editor logoI have known and worked with many of you over the years, but for those who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself: For more than 35 years I have worked for and managed businesses in Grafton. I have recently purchased a home in town on Pickle Street, Route 121 East.

Over the course of those 35 years I managed housekeeping at the Grafton Inn, the Daniels House Cafe with the information and gift shop and the Grafton Nursery. As a manager, I hired and trained staff, created budgets and ordered and tracked inventory. I also worked for a time at the Grafton Village Cheese Co. and Grafton Ponds.

I thoroughly enjoyed these jobs, not least because I had the chance to connect the best of two worlds: that of our many tourist visitors and this lively town.

Especially in the hospitality industry, one gets to wear many hats. While wearing those many hats I learned that travelers come to Grafton for the peace and quiet of our natural beauty. But, many also come and return because they feel welcome and enjoy being part of our community. I couldn’t agree more.

Subsequently I was director of operations at the Nature Museum at Grafton, charged with keeping the day-to-day operations of that small organization running smoothly with a focus on supporting the museum’s programs, fundraising, and special events. Currently, I’m at Blake Hill Preserves, a small, growing specialty preserve business in Grafton. I keep the busy, commercial kitchen running smoothly.

Over the past 35 years I have also volunteered with a number of local organizations and have been on the boards of many: the Grafton FAST Squad, the Women’s Community Club of Grafton; the Grafton Promotional Association; The Nature Museum; the Greater Falls Chamber of Commerce; and the Springfield Humane Society.

The work of organizing fundraisers, programs, and being an active board member has drawn me further into the Grafton Community. This work has given me the chance to give back to my community. After all, neighbors helping neighbors is the heart and soul of small towns like Grafton.

When the opportunity for public service arose in 2013 I felt comfortable stepping into town government. My first three-year term was a busy one. The board hired a new town administrator, managed the process of building a new town garage, prepared the annual town budgets and oversaw the day-to-day business of our town.

And now, looking forward, Grafton is faced with the challenge of encouraging its small business economy in ways that are compatible with our tourist economy. Stimulating local small-scale economic activity benefits the town in so many ways, not least by creating local jobs.

Also, Grafton is currently being challenged with the possibility of an industrial wind project. Approaching this complex subject in a steady and level-headed manner is so important.

To this difficult issue and others that come before the Select Board I bring a fair and evenhanded perspective as well as continuing efforts to improve unity in our town. My work as a selectman has been and will be focused on Grafton’s future on moving our town forward.

Thank you for your vote,

Noralee Hall

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