State bans certain waste from landfills, more changes coming

Londonderry Transfer StationThe Londonderry Solid Waste Group is reminding residents of Landgrove, Londonderry, Peru, Weston and Windham that banned from the landfill (trash) and must be recycled are aluminum and steel cans, aluminum foil and pie pans, glass bottles and jars from foods and beverages, PET and HDPE plastic bottles and jugs (#1 & #2), corrugated cardboard, white and mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, catalogues, paper mail and envelopes, box board (cereal boxes but not inserts) and paper bags.

Also banned from the landfill are paint — both oil and latex, tires, waste oil and filters, mercury added products, electronics, appliances and certain batteries. This first phase of the Vermont Universal Recycling Law, Act 148, began July 1, 2015.

The next phase begins July 1, 2016. Leaf, yard and clean wood debris will then be banned from the landfill. You can bring your leaf and yard waste to the transfer station, where there is a separate area where you can dispose of them. You’ll need to empty them from plastic bags.

Please be aware that the Londonderry Transfer Station recycles more than the mandated recyclable items including #1 through #7 plastics and food scraps. The station still has a few counter top food scrap pails, 5-gallon buckets, and backyard compost bins for sale at reduced rates. You can purchase these at the Transfer Station or the Londonderry Town Office.

In January 2015 Flood Brook School began a food scrap collection program in the kitchen,
classrooms and lunchroom. Approximately 250 pounds of food scraps are kept out of the trash each week.

Product Stewardship is the buzz in the recycling world. Some Vermont laws that mandate
manufacturers take responsibility for the end of life of their products are mercury containing
lamps (CFLs and fluorescent bulbs), mercury thermostats, computers and their peripherals and
batteries. Beginning Jan. 1, 2016 all batteries, rechargeable and primary (AA, AAA, D, C
etc.) can be recycled. Collection sites for batteries and cell phones are at the Transfer Station,
Londonderry Hardware and the Londonderry Town Office.

Also, textiles like clothing, bedding, etc. can be bagged and brought to the Larry Daley shed at The Transfer Station.

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About the Author: This item was edited from one or more press releases submitted to The Chester Telegraph.

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  1. Chad says:

    Good question Wayne.
    I have noticed lately that the smell of burning trash has become the norm in Londonderry. Just what we don’t need is trash burning!

  2. Wayne says:

    So… If no cardboard can now go in the trash, but they won’t take cardboard that has food stuff on it (the bottoms of pizza boxes) what are we supposed to do with it?