To the editor: Please keep your aggressive dogs under control

Letters to the editor logo 3As many Chester residents know, we walk our two Westies on Main Street almost every morning.  Having just been on our morning outing, we were attacked by a large, very aggressive dog just 200 yards from our house.

After considerable kicking and yelling on my part, the animal retreated back to his home with hanks of white fur from both of my dogs in his mouth.  I could see the owner going into his house, so I told him that we had been attacked ferociously by his dog and that he should keep the dog either on a leash or in his house if there was no fenced area.

He responded by calling me inappropriate names.  While walking our dogs in the six years we have been here, we have been seriously attacked twice.  One might say that is an infrequent occurrence, but my feeling is that once is too often.

This owner’s dog is not to blame and when he is with his owners, most likely he shows no signs of aggression. However, when left to roam with no control, he is apt to meet other dogs and his immediate instinct is to attack.  The owner is aware of this dog’s inability to be in the company of other dogs.

The first time this occurred — by another dog — we reported the incident to the police because one of us was injured in the struggle.  This time, we will not report the incident; however, we implore all dog owners to be responsible for their pets.  You know if your dog is aggressive with other dogs and therefore, respond accordingly.  Residents and guests in Chester should be allowed to walk their dogs on Main Street without being attacked.  It is that simple.

Stan Norsworthy

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  1. Nancy Lindsay says:

    I may be incorrect, but I do believe there is a leash law in the Town of Chester and dogs are not allowed to roam at will outside of their homes. A responsible pet owner would know this.

  2. Deb says:

    For the sake of the rest of us who also walk along Main Street and the children who ride their bikes to and from the skate park and pool, I would urge you to report this to the police anyway.

    You were able to fend off the dog, but those of us who are elderly or the children are not apt to be as able. It sounds like this dog owner has a control (both personal and canine) problem.

    Let’s not wait until a child or senior citizen (or anyone else) is injured before addressing the issue.