To the editor: Vote McCormack for Vermont Senate

Letters to the editor logoI am pleased Dick McCormack is running to represent Windsor County in the Vermont Senate.  I’ll be voting for him again, and I hope you will, too.

What I like most about Dick is how thoughtful he is.  He is always not only willing but eager to discuss issues important to me, and he listens carefully even if I don’t support his position.  He understands that every question has at least two sides, and that people who disagree with him may have good reasons.

Dick also understands that many of today’s threats to personal freedom come not from big government, but from big corporations.  Or even small ones.  He knows government action is often the only way to protect people’s freedom.  One example is his support for labeling of food from genetically modified organisms.

Dick has been in the Senate more than 20 years, so he knows his way around state government.  His experience is one reason he has been so effective, and it is a great asset to Windsor County.

After June 24 you can get a primary election ballot from your town clerk and vote early.  Please do, and mark the line for Dick McCormack.

Richard Andrews


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