To the editor: Woodward announces run for Windsor Senate seat as independent

My name is Scott Woodward and I’d like to announce my candidacy to the voters of the Chester area. One reason I’m running as an independent is because of the growing frustration with both the major parties. I also believe my broad set of business, government and legal skills would serve me well as a legislator and that I would bring a fresh perspective to Montpelier on a number of issues.

Scott woodwardA recent poll shows that 42 percent of Vermonters consider themselves to be independents, more than either of the two major parties. Despite this fact, there’s not a single independent currently serving in the Senate. It’s time for Vermont to have at least one independent and I’d like to invite residents of the Chester area to learn more about me and why I’d like to earn your vote. I will be scheduling campaign events in the near future, but in the meantime please visit my website at or on Facebook at

There are a number of issues that are important to me both personally and as a candidate. Among them are taking a hard look at state spending and ensuring that spending does not outpace incomes. Vermont is facing structural economic issues with continued revenue shortfalls despite substantial increases in taxes. Montpelier wants to achieve a number of worthy goals, but some of those may come with a hefty price tag. Wages are flat and education taxes continue to go up in a number of places. Some Vermonters are willing to pay more, but others simply cannot. While we aim high, we must also be realistic and keep our feet on the ground.

Other priorities include finding ways to reduce health-care costs, balancing our approach to climate change and working with businesses and communities to discover ways to make our communities more attractive as places to work and live. I’m also interested in identifying the gaps in services for our aging population that will allow them to maintain their independence, as well as getting at the root of the opiate epidemic and figuring out ways to address that issue. As an independent, I’m more than happy to work across both aisles and my policy is that I’ll talk to anyone with a good idea.

There are three seats in contention and I would be honored to earn your vote for one of them this election year. I look forward to getting out there and meeting people in the area to learn more about the concerns that are most on your mind.


Scott Woodward
Windsor Senate District

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  1. Lew Watters says:

    We are so fortunate in Vermont to have a range of qualified, engaging, and thoughtful people running for public office this year. What a contrast to the national scene.