To the editor: Many in Windham, Grafton open to wind project

Letter to the editor logo2I have called South Windham my home for 60 years, have no intention to leave it, and want what’s best for it.  Contrary to popular belief, there are many in Windham and Grafton like me who are open to developing wind power on the plateau between our two towns.
Here are 10 of my reasons for supporting wind turbines here:
  1. To create power for 42,000 homes.
  2. To shut down a coal burning plant somewhere.
  3. To reduce green house gasses by being carbon neutral.
  4. To create jobs during construction and then in operations (30 years).
  5. To bring annual payments to our towns of about a million dollars per year.
  6. To help sustain our schools by attracting new families due to lower property taxes.
  7. To inspire and be proud of a  green engineering feat by harnessing the wind.
  8. To help and support the sustainable management of the Stiles Brook Forest’s 5000 acres.
  9. To use wind as the only fuel to generate power, once the wind farm is constructed.
  10. To think globally and act locally.
Alan Partridge
South Windham
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  1. Mark Emmons says:

    Many more in Windham and Grafton opposed to wind project.

    Many residents of Windham and Grafton are rightfully concerned about the future of their communities. As time passes, many are realizing that big wind is not what it has been BLOWN up to be, especially in New England and on PRISTINE MOUNTAIN RIDGE LINES.

    Many of our townspeople are asking:

    1. Does it make sense to destroy the very environment we are trying to save, the very environment that sustains us? NO! Unless of course you are a wind developer making millions of dollars.

    2. Should we focus on an energy source like big wind that does VERY LITTLE to inhibit greenhouse gases when there are many superior sources like hydro, geothermal and properly sited solar?

    3. Could we instead focus on using less energy by addressing the issues of home and commercial heating and cooling and vehicle and industrial emissions that account for most of our greenhouse gases?

    4. Is it wise to spend millions on wind projects like the Lowell project that avoids only 74,000 tons of CO2 emissions a YEAR when NYC traffic produces that amount in 12 hours?

    5. Would it be more beneficial for a community to create permanent sustainable jobs rather then the mostly temporary jobs created by wind projects? We could promote the startup of new local businesses in solar, insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, etc.

    6. Is it short-sighted to focus on putting bribe money in our own pockets when it could be used for well-thoughtout renewable energy and conservation projects? The love of money is indeed the root of all evil.

    7. Can we prudently place solar in existing industrial locations, rooftops and on land already cleared for power lines etc. instead of mindlessly placing them in beautiful pastures and on spectacular slopes?

    8. Why when we have so many brilliant minds do we allow big business to dictate the development and siting of renewables? Are we too apathetic or too self-absorbed or maybe just too simplistic?

    9. Haven’t we been exploited enough from the oil industry, the asbestos industry, the tobacco industry, Big pharma, GMO, and chemical industries, etc.?

    10. Act locally think globally by making our homes, town buildings and businesses more energy efficient. Put millions of dollars in government subsidies into these LOCAL projects instead of in the pockets of the cooperate world. This would address the REAL cause of global warming with REAL solutions!

    Mark and Linda Emmons
    Windham, Vermont