Telegraph Poll: On the proposed Iberdrola wind project

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  1. Cynthia Prairie says:

    As of Oct. 30, 2016, we’ve received eight votes as “other.” They included comments:

    I do not live in Windham, but own a home there and do NOT want a wind project.

    I have a second home in Grafton & am against the Iberdrola wind project.

    2nd home in Windham, and I do not favor commercial wind in this location.

    I don’t want a commercial wind project on any Vermont ridgelines.

    I own property in Grafton, and I am against a commercial wind project of any kind.

    Grafton second homeowner against the project.

    Why don’t you change the poll to include second home and land owners?

  2. Justin Turco says:

    I live in Ira, where initially we had something like 45 wind turbines proposed for three different ridgelines.

    The developers whittled it down to something like 15 turbines that would have brought our town of 450 people something like $750,000. We passed! Voted NO. That $750,000 doesn’t come from earnings derived from the sale of useful electricity. It comes from government subsidies, tax breaks and the sale of Renewable Energy Credits to out-of-state companies that want to be able to pollute with a clean conscience.

    The actual electricity produced is so variable that ISO-New England can’t even shut down the dirty generators that guarantee a reliable grid 24/7. Wind power is junk power. Highly erratic. Wind power is expensive: Not the price they actually sell it for, but what it actually costs you overall. You pay in many ways for wind power. What you want is Big Hydro. We have that available. Cheap….Clean, endlessly available, steady and already in place.

    Don’t let Iberdrola do this to your town. When it comes time to vote. Send them back to Spain. Like us, you’ll be glad you did.

  3. elizabeth robinson says:

    Residents of Windham and Grafton should not be bribed. Whoever thought that was a good idea is so wrong.

  4. Joanne Ferreira says:

    Own 2nd home in Windham. Do NOT want the wind project.