UPDATE: One man dead, one in custody in Wardsboro shooting

UPDATE: Wednesday Oct. 19, 6:39 a.m.  Vermont State Police have released the names of those involved in yesterday’s homicide in Wardsboro.  Kirby Staib, 42, of Wardsboro was killed in the incident and Kevin Parker, 57, also of Wardsboro was identified as the alleged shooter. Police said in a statement this morning that the circumstances surrounding this shooting are still under investigation and that no charges are being brought pending the results of that investigation. 

By Shawn Cunningham
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Vermont State Police have taken a Wardsboro man into custody for the fatal shooting of a 42 year-old  neighbor on Gilfeather Road this afternoon.

State Police spokesman Scott Waterman confirmed that an incident had happened and that detectives from the Bureau of Criminal Investigations were on their way to work on it. Tonight, a VSP press release confirms the homicide but does not give details. The details that follow are taken from radio traffic heard this afternoon but that authorities could not confirm as of 8:20 p.m.

A Google Earth image of Gilfeather Road in Wardsboro with the homes of the alleged shooter and victim labled.

A Google Earth image of Gilfeather Road in Wardsboro with the homes of the alleged shooter and victim labled. Click image to enlarge.

At about 4:14 p.m., 911 dispatch in Westminster sent five cruisers to 600 Gilfeather Road in Wardsboro later noting that the man who was shot was in the driveway of 682 Gilfeather.

According to radio traffic the incident was a result of a “neighbor confrontation.” One trooper was heard to say that there was “an extensive history between these two neighbors.”

Dispatch reported that the shooter was armed with a  Mini-14  and that the extent of the wounded man’s injuries was unknown. Also unknown was whether the man who was shot was also armed. A Mini-14 is a small rifle modeled after the M-1 carbine and manufactured by Ruger.

At about 4:27, the dispatcher reported that a trooper was on the phone with the shooter and that the weapon had been locked in a safe. “When you get there,” said the dispatcher, the trooper on the phone “will give him instructions on coming outside.”

At 4:52, dispatch told Westminster Barracks Commander Lt. Timothy Oliver, who was en route to the scene, that the victim’s girlfriend had reported that the man was dead. Oliver ordered the troopers arriving on the scene to stage at the roadblock and to “tac up” or get their tactical gear on.

At 5:01, a trooper asked Westminster for the name of the suspect. Westminster replied that his name was Kevin and “he’s being very cooperative. He’ll come out when you go onto the scene.”

At 5:07, Oliver told the dispatcher that troopers were starting their approach and Westminster gave him “air priority” over other VSP units on the airwaves.

At 5:14, Oliver told Westminster dispatch to “send him out” and within 10 minutes, Oliver reported that both houses were secure and that the subject was in custody.

According to radio traffic, the victim’s girlfriend and an elderly woman were taken to the Westminster barracks.

In addition to State Police, the Wardsboro Fire Department set up a roadblock at Route 100 and Gilfeather Road.

Wardsboro is a town of 900 just east of Stratton along the southern tier of Vermont. It is home to the annual Gilfeather Turnip Festival, which is to be held this weekend.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks for the detailed story, including the information about the weapon. As a longtime journalist, I happen to know that the type of weapon used in the commission of crimes is important to understanding the nature of the alleged shooter.

  2. Hank says:

    So what’s with explaining the history the gun? A gun is a gun.