Two contested races, 12 offices without candidates in Chester

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The petitions have been submitted, the signatures checked and here is the slate of candidates standing for elective office in Chester.

There are two contested offices this year – two one-year terms on the Select Board and two unexpired two-year terms on the Chester Andover Elementary School board.

Select Board chair John DeBenedetti did not file for re-election to his three-year term. And incumbent Arne Jonynas, who has been serving one-year terms, filed for the three-year term, leaving a one-year term open. Incumbent Ben Whalen, a Chester firefighter, has filed for re-election. And Lee Gustafson and Kelly Arrison, both businessowners in Chester, also filed for one-year terms. Of the three, the two to garner most votes will win seats.

In Chester-Andover Elementary Board of Directors race, three people — incumbent Gary King and Brian Heybyrne and Michael Studin are vying for two unexpired two-year terms.

And 12 offices have no candidates whatsoever.  A write-in candidate for any of the open offices for which there are no candidates can be elected with the votes of at least 1 percent of the voter checklist – or about 22 votes.  The election for these offices will be held from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 7 at Town Hall, 556 Elm St.

*Contested race

Chester Town School District Moderator – 1 one-year term – William Dakin
Town Moderator – 1 one-year term – William Dakin
Town Clerk – 1 three-year term – Deborah Aldrich
Town Treasurer – 1 three-year term – Deborah Aldrich
Lister – 1 three-year term – No Candidate
Lister – 1 unexpired two-year term – Sarah Purdy
*Select Board – 2 one-year terms – Kelly Arrison, Lee Gustafson, Ben Whalen
Select Board – 1 three-year term – Arne Jonynas
Town Grand Juror – 1 one-year term – No Candidate
Agent to Defend Suits – 1 one-year term- No Candidate
Trustee of Public Funds – 1 three-year term – Sandra Walker
Trustee of the Whiting Library – 2 three-year terms – Jessica Buchanan, Kathy Pellett
Auditor – 1 unexpired two year term; 1 three-year term – No Candidates
Chester Town School District Director – 1  three-year term – No Candidate
*CAES Director – Union #29 – 2 unexpired two-year terms – Brian Heybyrne, Gary King, Michael Studin
CAES Director – 1 three-year term – Dan DesLauriers
GMUHS Director – Union #35 – 1 three-year term – No Candidates
Budget Committee – 6  three-year terms – No Candidates


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