To the editor: Gustafson announces run for Chester Select Board

My name is Lee Gustafson, and I am running for a one-year term for Select Board. I have lived in Chester since 2002, built my own house, and established a successful renewable energy business serving local and neighboring community residents.

My children grew up in Chester, and I feel it is time to give back to the community that has been so generous to us. Being a part of the town government will allow me to do that.

Chester is a beautiful place, nestled in the hills that border the Green Mountains, surrounded by natural wonders and stunning landscapes. It is a wonderful place to raise a family, conduct business, or retire. The values of the people of Chester long ago enabled all of us, as natives and transplants, to enjoy our town.

One concern that I hear frequently in discussions with my customers, friends, those in the trades, or business owners revolves around keeping Chester affordable for everyone. There are many competing ideas as to how best to deal with this issue, and I believe that the Select Board has the primary responsibility to enable the residents of Chester to flourish.

Supporting the community by providing growth opportunities while keeping spending to a minimum is a primary concern that will enable all Chester residents to continue to live and enjoy our town.

I am asking for your support and vote on March 7.

Thank you,
Lee Gustafson

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  1. Barre Pinske says:

    I would like to express my support for Lee Gustafson and encourage others to vote for him on Tuesday. I have had the pleasure getting to know his son Glenn from shopping at Chester Hardware.

    Glenn and I have become friends outside of the store. He’s a well-mannered, hard working, responsible young man. I asked Glenn to have Lee stop by and talk with me. Lee expressed to me very clearly if elected all decisions he would be asked to make would be made in the best interest of the town as a whole. He has no preplanned agenda.

    He expressed concerns over the cost of living, high taxes and he said he wants us to be fiscally responsible. I became convinced quite quickly by his answers to my questions that his ability to make a decision is not steeped in any special interest type of perspective as he had stated.

    He gets the local pride, understands what it’s like to be new here and understands the value of our guests. The reason I bring this up is because I feel if people have too much of a fringe political view, overly local view or new resident perspective they will not represent us as a whole and do what’s best for us as a group.

    I have followed the last hot button issue the new zoning bylaws. In my opinion the way these issues get solved is with thought, clear judgment and unbiased decision making. Then decisions must be executed with strong leadership along with tempering the divisions and bringing people together. Lee exhibited that type of understanding.

    The Select Board is a little like parents for the town. If you take a look at the young man Lee raised in Glenn, who has chosen to marry a local girl and stay in our town, you can see what a kind of parent Lee has been.

    We are a small working class town. We need the type of guidance that a good dad and a small business owner can give us. It’s the same type of limits, responsibilities and calculated risks only on a bigger scale. I also feel Lee would help us with economic development if ideas are well planned and widely supported by the community. He knows smart growth takes investment, and from my impression he’s not afraid to make it. Please support Lee on Tuesday.

    He may be new to politics but in my opinion he has what it takes for us to be a better team.

  2. MJ Miles says:

    Let me tell you why I am voting for Lee Gustafson for the Chester Selectboard.

    I have to speak to the quality of this family. My daughter for several years took horsemanship lessons with Lee’s wife and daughter (Heidi and Britta) at Whispering Winds Farm in Chester, yes another small family run business. His wife and daughter taught the most important values of safety, kindness, balance and fun.

    Lee doesn’t push it on you, but he also owns a successful business in Chester – Net Zero Renewable Resources LLC – I mention this because his entire family is immersed in small business in Chester, Vermont in a positive way. That is experience that matters.

    I can also attest to their quality as individuals given my direct experiences. Please consider character in your decision to vote. Our select board needs this valuable experience which also comes with a person of quality character.

    I feel strongly that Lee Gustafson not only fits the bill but he embodies the definition of good character and the understanding of small business in our town and its value.