Amazing gravy: How sweet the sound of satisfied palates

By Jim Bailey

Make something healthy for you and sneak veggies in the mouth of even the most finicky of children!

I have done away with the classic roux thickener here, without any loss of flavor.

Perfect for beginners or those in a rush, this gravy should not take more than five minutes from beginning to end and it will be the best gravy you’ll ever have. For an amazingly tasty gravy without fat, simply buy fat free broth.

1 (15-ounce) can low sodium beef or chicken broth*
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables of your choice, thawed

1 tablespoon cornstarch

Warm up the broth in the microwave or stove top until hot, but not scalding.

Place in a food processor or blender with the last 2 ingredients and puree, on high, until you can no longer see even small bits of vegetables, about 30 seconds.

You can either strain the bulk from the vegetables from the liquid or leave as is. There will not be more than a teaspoon, if any.

Place mixture in a medium saucepan over medium heat and bring to a boil, stirring almost constantly. Once boiling, remove from heat and serve.

* If you are using bouillon, use enough to flavor 2 cups water.

NOTE: The beef gravy will not be as brown as you are used to because of the carrots in the mixed vegetables. Purchased gravy uses caramel coloring to darken the end result.

Also, to make this recipe even quicker, bring broth to a boil before continuing with the recipe. There will be no need to bring it to a boil again if you are going to immediately consume it. The reason I prepare it as directed is because it will get slightly thicker when boiling it after pureeing and I have always brought food up to temp in all restaurants because of health code restrictions.

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About the Author: Jim Bailey is a third generation Yankee Chef, New England food historian and newspaper columnist. His first cookbook, simply titled The Yankee Chef, has been published. He welcomes all feedback, questions or comments at

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