To the editor: Challenge authority, not each other’s integrity

I would like the opportunity to address comments made to me regarding my previous letter and also respond to Frank Seawright’s letter, which I guess was a indirect response to mine even though he didn’t answer my criticism. I also would like to clarify my take on things here in Windham.

I challenged Frank, not as just another member of my community, but rather as the head of the Windham Select Board. That is a important distinction. I have a personal history with both Frank and Nancy. And I do not take lightly the fact that my relationship with them has been damaged. I needed to speak out on things that bothered me.

The battlelines have been drawn here in town for some time. I have just recently been made aware of how bitter things are. It seems the question is what side are you on? What “secret meeting” have you been to? Anti-wind? Pro-wind? What a bunch of hooey. As I see it, everyone is entitled to meet and challenge whatever authority you feel like challenging. That includes our town plan. Let’s not become Donald Trump’s America.

I don’t need to re-hash what happened at Town Meeting but I will say again Frank could have chosen, especially as the head of the board, to shake Kord Scott’s hand and been a little more classy about moving on.

I do think this business of challenging falsely one’s neighbor of their morality and integrity is dangerous politics especially at the town Select Board level of government.

I commend Frank for his  knowledge of the issues involved in the wind industry. This is not the issue for me.

I do resent the aggressive use of signs in this latest campaign. I mean aggressive. I happen to know it bothered even non-residents. I was appalled and greatly offended when the antis put up more than 20 signs across the street from our little school on the morning a public meeting was to be held. I found them threatening. Not the Vermont I am used to. Talk about billboards! But the battle waged on nonetheless.

I resented the many signs put up by folks suggesting that one would be capable of accepting a bribe if I or anyone else were to vote for the wind project and accept what many viewed a benefits package by doing so. Very aggressive and insulting rhetoric.  I challenge everyone of my fellow residents to say how they may have profited in their lives from big industry profits. But the battle wages on nonetheless.

We are a divided town. Polarized. Bitter. Maybe we should meet on the town’s commons and chuck rotten tomatoes at each other till we get over it. Rules for a rotten tomato battle would have to be established of course. Could be followed by a dance and potluck (no tomatoes).

And another thing, I am not even close to growing up. Not sure I want to.

Peace out.

John Pozzi

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