Nine area businesses recognized for alcohol sales compliance

Cheese Board employee Rachel Luptak, left, receives the WCPP Retailer Recognition certificate from WACP member Amy McMullen.

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Retailers throughout Windsor County were recently recognized for passing alcohol compliance checks that help keep alcohol away from minors.

Amy McMullen of Windsor Area Community Partnership and Courtney Hillhouse of Windsor County Prevention Partners presented Retailer Recognition certificates to the following retailers:

  • Ascutney Market of Ascutney
  • Cheese Board of Windsor
  • Cumberland Farms  of Windsor
  • Lisai’s Chester Market of Chester
  • Meditrina Wine & Cheese of Chester
  • Price Chopper of Windsor
  • Rite Aid of Windsor
  • Route 106 North Market & Deli  of North Springfield and
  • Sandri Sunoco of Chester

McMullen says, “Brain science tells us how harmful alcohol can be to adolescent brain development. The older a person is before the first encounter with alcohol, the better chance the person has for healthy development. … Recognizing retailers for passing compliance checks is one of many ways to promote a healthy, pro-youth community.”

Parents can help prevent alcohol and other drug use with the following strategies:

  • Limit Access: If alcohol is in the home, keep track of it.
  • Network and Check In: Get to know the parents of your teen’s friends.
  • Enforce Rules: Be clear with expectations and be consistent.
  • Be Up and Be Ready: Wait up, or set the alarm for curfew time.
  • Be a Good Example: Teens learn about alcohol use from family behaviors.
  • With proms, graduations and summer months approaching, now is a great time to learn more about these strategies and how to take action with ParentUp at or

Windsor County Prevention Partners is a collaboration of prevention coalitions and law enforcement working toward reducing underage drinking, binge drinking, and prescription drug abuse in Windsor County.

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