To the editor: Champion Fire Co. thanks others who helped during storm

I would like to take a moment and thank all of the mutual aid fire companies that came to our aid in the storm on May 18.

Our dispatch system was completely overwhelmed and we were left on our own. The incident on Spring Hill took a long time to control, there were five homes evacuated, seven gas meters used, 2,100 feet of 4-inch hose laid, two monitors and one handline deployed and a hydraulic ventilation that remained active for more than two hours to dissipate propane vapors and keep us safe.

An 80-foot tall white pine tree broke apart and came down on a 330-gallon propane tank, crushing the tank dome destroying the regulator and remaining on top of the tank and dome. A significant gas vapor leak occurred 10-feet from a home. No injuries occurred and only property damage was recorded. In addition, the storm blocked numerous roads with downed trees and wires preventing some help from reaching us and having others forced to take a detour.

The emergency agencies and private companies that helped are Londonderry, Peru, Weston, Windham, Winhall, Stratton, Manchester, Chester, Mount Holly, Wardsboro, Londonderry Ambulance, Manchester Ambulance, Londonderry Technical Rescue, Vermont State Police, Young’s Propane and Blue Flame Gas. (Please forgive me if I missed anyone, there are no dispatch records to review).

Thank you for your help!

Jeff Duda

Champion Fire Company #5

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