To the editor: Townscape thanks Chester Electric for Hearse House work

Steve Mancuso of Chester Electric.

The non-profit Chester Townscape was delighted when Steve Mancuso of Chester Electric volunteered the labor for all the electrical work to be done on the Hearse House – the building located opposite Chester’s Village Green that formerly housed the Town’s horse-drawn hearse.

Prior to the structure’s recent renovation and Mancuso’s work, the building had lacked power; yet electricity was certainly essential for the renovated building to become a mini-museum featuring the Town of Chester’s handsome hearse and information about funeral customs and other hearse-related objects.

The restoration of that building, the adjacent cast-iron fence and the Public Tomb were part of a Chester Townscape proposal that won enthusiastic partnership support from the Town of Chester and the many volunteers and donors who contributed funds and in-kind services to make the project possible.

Chester Electric’s work included:

  • installation of a sub-panel and interior wiring;
  • an outside light with motion and light sensor;
  • lighting inside the new educational foyer in preparation for display materials;
  • lighting both inside the town’s hearse and on the building’s dark interior walls to spotlight the vehicle; and
  • installation of a smart TV that will show slides of the restoration project and additional information about funeral customs. The remaining challenge for Mancuso is designing and installing appropriate, non-obtrusive lighting for the hearse’s two lanterns without altering the historical integrity of the vehicle.

Other projects that need to be completed before the mini-museum can open to the public include working out a solution with the town for the ramp into the building and finalization of the information and pictures for the educational displays. Some residents have promised to search for photos of the hearse in action, but many attic treasures have not surfaced yet. Anyone with photos or other historical data pertaining to the hearse or Chester funeral customs is urged to contact Suzy Forlie at 802-875-3634 or Lillian Willis at 802-875-1340 as soon as possible.


Lillian Willis
Chester Townscape

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  1. Tim Roper says:

    Well done, Steve Mancuso!

  2. Raymond Makul says:

    I have known Steve Mancuso for 15 years. He is a top notch electrician and person. He does all my electrical work expertly, and is highly recommended. Knew about Ufer electrical grounding to get a good electric ground system into a house foundation set in bedrock. Thanks, Steve. It works great.

  3. Maureen Bell says:

    Very cool project – can’t wait to see it complete!