Avoiding bear, driver crashes truck in Londonderry

By Shawn Cunningham
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The driver of a tractor trailer who swerved to avoid hitting a bear on Route 11 yesterday ended up crashing his truck, slowing and even stopping traffic in the area.

According to the Vermont State Police, at about 5:30 Thursday morning, Saul Hernandez, 38,  of Allentown, Pa., was driving a 2018 Freightliner tractor trailer east on Route 11 about six-tenths of a mile west of Thompsonburg Road when he saw a bear in the roadway. Hernandez, who was traveling at 50 mph, swerved to avoid the bear but then went off the road, crashing in a wooded area.

There were no injuries in the crash and the bear was unharmed. The truck on the other hand sustained substantial damage to the front end and rear axles of the tractor.

Traffic in the area was either slowed to one lane or stopped altogether for about four hours while the scene was cleaned up and the truck towed away. The Vermont Agency of Transportation assisted with traffic control and clean up.

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  1. Tim Roper says:

    He was driving EXACTLY the speed limit when a bear caused him to wreck the brand new tractor trailer he was driving? Hmmm, I guess it’s safe to say there were not any witnesses to this event…

  2. Castor Winters says:

    This won’t stop until America drops the PC act and says the hard truth: every bear in the world wants our families DEAD.